Your home will be listed immediately on the Multiple Listing Service. This service updates a daily list of homes for sale via its member brokers. It also offers an online computer network that allows members to access photos and descriptions of all properties. To ensure the best representation possible on the Savannah, MO MLS listing, we submit a photograph and descriptive elements. Our techniques have resulted in many home sales in Savannah.

The MLS is the most widely used service in our industry. It is used by many buyers and sellers and is a source of information for all real estate marketing professionals in Savannah, MO and across the country.

Your home in Savannah will be listed on the MLS, which is a computerized database that every broker has access to at any time. The MLS allows you to monitor the activity of your listing and provides you with immediate feedback regarding showings, offers, and contracts.


All property listings on our website are available online under Featured Listings. According to the National Association of Realtors, more than 80% of homebuyers now start the process online. Our website offers the best tools, including Active Maps as well as automatic email notifications. This gives buyers more reasons to come back.

When my team is working on an MLS listing in Savannah, we are focused on getting it ready for the market. We want to make sure that every photo is perfect, as well as the content in the listing. We want to make sure that every potential buyer knows exactly what they can expect when they see this home.

We have a great website and we have a great team. Our goal is to help you sell your home quickly and for the highest possible price. By creating an outstanding MLS listing for your Savannah, MO home, I am confident that my team can do just that for you!


You will not only be receiving a “For Sale” sign, but also flyers and photos of the property. By placing these in your front yard in Savannah, these real estate marketing materials can begin to advertise as soon as possible because we are confident that this is the most visible place for people to see it!

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